Memory Care

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The state-of-the-art Care Centre, with its Memory Care household, is carefully designed to address the specialised needs associated with Dementia. A Dementia Bureau is also included for patients and their family members for guidance and a clear understanding of what to expect when a decline in mental ability occurs. The Care Centre will house 10 Memory Care Units.

Key features addressed:

  • Internal layouts are specifically designed to assist with orientation and navigation within the centre.
  • Measures have been taken into consideration with regards to the safety of all residents within the facility (non-slip and non-reflective surfaces, etc).
  • Easy access to safe outdoor areas to encourage residents to utilize and enjoy the entire premises including landscaped gardens stimulating body and mind.
  • In addition to the standard operational kitchens, a replica kitchen will be integrated for the elderly in order to simulate the normal daily household activities (Under supervision of staff).

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